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Scott Troxel
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Wood, aluminum, reclaimed Azek decking on Wood New

Natural wood edges

Ready to hang


Signed on back


40" h x 23" w x 1.5" d |25 lbs. 0 oz.

This artwork may no longer be available. Please contact us for more information.


"Jazzy" is a modern rustic wall sculpture.  It features a complex assortment of woods and materials, including walnut, mahogany, cherry, pine, maple, oak and pine.  It also incorporates azek PVC and aluminum into the design.  The result is a very rustic looking piece that is also quite modern and sophisticated.  I like to combine repurposed materials and man made materials to bring a unique complexity to wall sculptures.  

Scott Troxel

Marmora, New Jersey

Mixed media artist Scott Troxel has always been fascinated with modern art and design. He pursued filmmaking in college, and later went on to a career in industrial design and product development. He now works mostly with wood to create abstract wall sculptures. Scott’s process involves breaking down objects or emotions to their abstract forms. The hard-edged lines of his sculptures have a discernible visual connection to mid-century modern design. The architectural forms in each piece juxtapose materials and textures varying from raw and exposed to polished and finished. Scott’s work explores themes of old versus new, organic versus manmade, futuristic versus vintage. The inherent tension in the art is relieved by a harmonic sense of visual balance.


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