Connection between friends is most effortless while sharing an experience. Cloud watching is something we all did as kids and most of us wish we carved out more time for now.  But it's also not the kind of thing you can schedule on your calendar.  Like the ease of new friendship, it must find it's way into our days and when it does, it blesses us with a sense of peace and belonging, and in this case, kinship.  

This wood panel was blanketed first with the torn, yellowed pages of a novel, then painted over with transparent orange acrylic so that the text is readily visible on all sides, as well as in some more transparent areas of the painting.  The image itself is done in oil.  The work comes wired and ready to hang.

- Diane Flick

"I See a Rabbit Smoking a Cigar!"

Oil, acrylic, collage on wood

Signed on front

6" h x 6" w x 1.75" d
0 lbs. 10 oz.



Diane Flick
Menlo Park, California

Getting to Know Diane

As a kid, Diane Flick often empathized with inanimate objects; she worried a Kleenex box on her headboard felt unloved because she never held it as she did her stuffed animals. Consequently, she would sometimes add it to her plush family for snuggling. Looking through the lenses of playfulness, emotional warmth, and scenes from a dramatic childlike imagination, the ‘bots series seeks to explore the sentience of non-sentient beings. Diane hasn’t owned a TV in 15 years, but she still loves watching Golden Girls DVD’s with her sister.