This piece is composed of acrylic paint and a super heavy matte acrylic gel medium to add depth. It is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished black edges. The work comes varnished and ready to hang.  

- Fernando Garcia


Mixed media artwork on stretched canvas
Signed on front

48" h x 55" w x 1.5" d
8 lbs. 0 oz.



Fernando Garcia
cape coral, Florida

Getting to Know Fernando

Fernando Garcia creates jazz-like musicality and urban energy though his operatic abstract paintings. Fernando, though partially deaf himself, comes from a family of musicians; so, painting has become the expression of his innate musical spirit. The shapes, colors, and forms have an improvisational and jazz-like element. Even the scrawling, dark linework resembles sheet music. In each composition, he deconstructs the landscape and pares down objects to their simplest forms. The arrangements of these forms have a calculated sense of organization that models urban planning. The methodically balanced picture planes give the sense that the compositions do not exist in a single way, but rather as symphonies of evolution that change and unfold over time.