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Flora and Fauna

Steph Gimson
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Acrylic paint and collage on Cradled wood panel New

Finished white edges



Signed on front


12" h x 12" w x .75" d |2 lbs. 0 oz.

In stock $475



Artist Steph Gimson crafts an abstract display of a butterfly in a collaged background. She depicts greenery through earthy tones and painterly strokes. Part of her Whimsical collection focusing on nature and fantasy themes through mixed media. She creates a narrative that incorporates cut-out images into the background.

Steph Gimson

Sarasota, Florida

Artist Steph Gimson creates whimsical expressionist worlds by integrating vintage print onto abstract compositions. Growing up in a creative environment, Steph sought many avenues to articulate her creativity. She first embarked on a prestigious career as a celebrity make-up artist working with the likes of David Bowie and some members of the British Royal Family. Her familiarity with the brush leads to the expansion of her desire to create through painting. Swapping her substrate from faces to canvas led her to move to the United States. Steph loves patterns and design and often comes up with them in her imaginative outlooks. She works intuitively and always starts a piece by simply playing and reflecting on her current mood. Her process revolves around tapping into her inner child and finding her way through dynamic and spontaneous directions. Steph conceives new ideas at her studio in Sarasota, Florida. “My floor is a painting by itself, splashes and drips of paint have created a beautiful abstract painting over time,” says Steph. Creating art fills her days in some form or other, Steph takes a break from creating only when she is at rest.

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