This sculpture is created from hand cut and pleated metal mesh.  It was inspired by clothing from an old trunk with an idea to honor ancestors and fashion.  There are metal grommets that allow the work to be hung easily with simple nail, hook, or screws.  The work is "signed" on a stainless steel tag attached.

- Atticus Adams

Flora Chanel

Aluminum mesh, gesso, wire, grommets

Ready to hang

Signed on back

60" h x 50" w x 7" d
5 lbs. 0 oz.



Atticus Adams
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Getting to Know Atticus

Sculptor Atticus Adams’ body of work features meticulously-crafted dimensional wall hangings composed of industrial materials such as aluminum and stainless steel mesh. Each piece is intricately beautiful, but Atticus maintains that his inspiration is not driven by a deep or intellectual concept as is common amongst contemporary abstract artists. “I tried not to be an artist,” Atticus jokes. “But I think being an artist is like having a religious calling.” Every sculpture is a statement piece that Atticus hopes will bring happiness into a space.