This work was created by drawing whatever image, thought, or objects came to mind. Looking back, I can see the piece was influenced by the day's events, feelings and the environment in which it was created. The piece was made with pen, ink, graphite, and design markers on heavyweight paper. It will need a frame for display. 

- Jason Kellermeyer

Fix It

pen and ink, graphite, and design markers on paper

Signed on back

9" h x 9" w 
0 lbs. 0 oz.



Jason Kellermeyer
Denver, Colorado

Getting to Know Jason

Jason’s comic strip-inspired compositions tell cryptic, light-hearted narratives for each viewer to decode. He pairs unexpected objects and draws unlikely parallels in forms. Jason’s eclectic background–with experiences ranging from paperboy to graphic designer–contributes to the delightfully random nature of his artwork. Each piece is created by drawing whatever images, thoughts, or objects come to mind. His mixed-media works are often ultimately inspired by the events of his day, or the environment in which he is drawing.