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End of the Winter

Flavio Man
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Ink and pigments on Stretched canvas New

Ready to hang


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31.5" h x 23.6" w x .75" d |3 lbs. 1 oz.

This artwork may no longer be available. Please contact us for more information.


Subtle and delicate painting made at the end of the winter. Created using a feather for a paintbrush, the colors were worked directly from the natural pigments, resulting in fresh colors. "The works are without previous sketch, they are constructed little by little with a dialogue between the parts of the work," Flavio explains of his painting style.

Flavio Man

Berlin, Germany

Currently living in exile in Berlin, artist Flavio Man was born in Tucuman, Argentina, a small city between mountainous jungle and desert lowlands. His experience of living in the three interconnected worlds of buildings, jungle, and desert influences his art. His abstract works are a conversation between the different parts of the painting: the line, stain, planes and colors generate a dialogue that reflects the way humans, nature and logic interact. Flavio explains, "my work is honest and uncommon in these days where rationalism and concept rules. I trust in expressiveness and dialogue with the viewer. I didn't have an easy life, but every day I wake up and work hard. I've been hungry and my shoes are worn. I believe that pain always helps with art." Flavio studied fine art in university and continued on to study film editing, with some of his films showing at the Cannes Film Festival in Montreal. He works from a small studio space in his home in Berlin, complete with a record player and rock, jazz and classical music.


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