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Grace Cadence
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Watercolor and collage on Paper New

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34" h x 25" w x 2" d |7 lbs. 0 oz.

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In this piece, Grace combined abstraction and figuration in a unified collage. She utilized printed images and watercolor cutouts from her old paintings, layering and editing them simultaneously. The resulting image creates a suggestion of a portrait, a body or a figure.

The piece is professionally framed in a whitewashed wood floater frame with plexiglass. The frame measures 34"x24" and the artwork itself is 29"x21".

Grace Cadence

Woodside, New York

Grace Cadence combines her traditional watercolor practice with a magazine cut-out collage subject. She cuts apart the images that surround us daily, that train us on notions of fashion and beauty. The finished works are either paintings or collages which layer abstract fragments to become a whole. Grace explains, "the interesting thing about figurative abstraction is the possibility for everyone to see it differently. A lot of my work defies straight interpretations but there is a unifying element of beauty and nature in all of them." Grace works from her living room art studio in Brooklyn, which transforms into a sea of paper after a few hours of work. When she's not painting, Grace loves trying recipes from around the world, exploring new places to eat, and teaching art locally.

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