My flora sculptures were originally inspired by some clothes found in an old trunk belonging to an ancestor.  I find that I keep coming back to this form because of a connection with my family's history.

- Atticus Adams

Chrome Flora

Aluminum mesh, gesso, acrylic, grommet

Ready to hang

Signed on side

23" h x 24" w x 8" d
2 lbs. 0 oz.



Atticus Adams
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Getting to Know Atticus

Sculptor Atticus Adams’ body of work features meticulously-crafted dimensional wall hangings composed of industrial materials such as aluminum and stainless steel mesh. Each piece is intricately beautiful, but Atticus maintains that his inspiration is not driven by a deep or intellectual concept as is common amongst contemporary abstract artists. “I tried not to be an artist,” Atticus jokes. “But I think being an artist is like having a religious calling.” Every sculpture is a statement piece that Atticus hopes will bring happiness into a space.