This piece is a part of a series collaborating with children. They use studio-quality acrylic paint, pastels, markers, and oil bars to create these wonderful layered worlds over a period of months. Then I collage in images of children into these worlds. The images are of my children and their friends as well as found images. This piece is done on cotton paper mounted to stretched canvas. It is varnished and ready to hang. 

- Elliot Coatney

Childhood #15 (First Day of School)

acrylic paint, collage, pastels, markers, oil bar on Paper Mounted to Canvas

Signed on back

23" h x 31" w x 1" d
3 lbs. 0 oz.



Elliot Coatney
Boone, North Carolina

Getting to Know Elliot

Elliot Coatney's love of art began as a child when his grandmother trained him in drawing and painting. He finds inspiration in simple scenes, such as the way light plays on water. Many of his paintings also reference the work of other artists and serve as a sort of chronicle of travels, interests and influences. With each work, he hopes to keep a lighthearted mood while using contrast and saturated colors. "I aim for my art to be beautiful, but with a rough and almost childlike edge," he explains. His most recent work, in fact, is created in collaboration with his own children.