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Blue Flying

Yamilet Sempe
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Oil paint and acrylic paint on Stretched canvas New

Finished black edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front


40" h x 30" w x 1.5" d |5 lbs. 0 oz.

In stock $1,975



"In many civilizations, the bee is considered a mystical animal representing the priestess, pythonesses, and the souls of the initiates," says artist Yamilet Sempe. "A divine power is attributed to it." On the other hand, blue represents spirituality, order, and harmony. The bees' flight proposes the balance between the opposite worlds. The piece releases spiritual and artistic gifts as a bee does—to assume what it gives us arises from divine grace is the best of journeys.

Yamilet Sempe

Omaha, Nebraska

Artist Yamilet Sempe paints boldly graphic abstracts, visibly influenced by modernist aesthetics. A keen believer in the power of signs, she incorporates symbols of mysticism and spirituality in her work. Her compositions feature dramatic palettes—intentionally using orange to represent enthusiasm and positivity. "I am only an instrument of the creator," says Yamilet. Spending her formative years in Cuba and France, she immersed herself in the presence and influence of renowned artists of culture. After years of working as a veterinary nurse, it was not until her mid-forties she chose to dedicate her time to painting, her true passion. She migrated to Florida and devoted herself to her practice, working at her home studio neighboring the coast. Yamilet splits her time between the United States and Paris, allowing her shared vision of diverse cultures. Her work has been featured in esteemed exhibitions in Europe and the USA.

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