This artwork is part of my AREA series. The piece is created with an original aeronautical map. One of my figures is painted onto the map's surface using gouache, acrylic paint, and pencil, then framed within wooden box. I positioned the map inside the box in a wave shape that represents the wind's movement. This piece is sculptural. It can hang on the wall or rest on a surface.

- Roberta Pinna

Area I

Gouache, Acrylic, Pencils, aeronautical map, on wood

Signed on back

17" h x 13" w x 3" d
5 lbs. 11 oz.



Roberta Pinna
Milano, Italy

Getting to Know Roberta

Roberta’s inspiration comes from the svelte forms of swimmers and divers. Her stylized figures are reminiscent of vintage Art Nouveau posters, yet their compositional placement against color-blocked backgrounds suggest modern and pop art influences. Roberta plays with both symmetry and asymmetry in her picture planes, coaxing the eye around each painting as the viewer admires the graceful movement yet perfect stillness of each diver. Simplicity, femininity, and joyful playfulness characterize Roberta’s paintings. She works out of her native Milan, Italy, as well as New York City.