This image came from flowers I photographed all around the world. There are flowers in this piece from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Mexico, Canada and various states of the USA. I select a strip of each image to describe the flower then print and attach it to a framed steel panel I fabricated by hand in my studio. At that point I used epoxy resin to affix a layer of broken safety glass to the surface of the image.

This piece is framed in 1/4" blackened steel with a brushed steel front edge. The entire panel and frame are constructed from steel. There is a red oak french cleat attached to the back for hanging. This work is finished with a layer of fractured safety glass attached with epoxy resin. It looks like a million diamonds on the surface of the image and will grab light from your space and sparkle.

- Jack R. Mesa

14 Flowers

K3 Ultrachrome print, epoxy, glass on metal

Ready to hang

Signed on back

48" h x 39" w x 1" d
50 lbs. 0 oz.



Jack R. Mesa
Oakland, California

Getting to Know Jack R.

Jack R. Mesa is a drummer and artist from Oakland, California. As a synesthete, his work explores the relationship between visual art and sound. Jack innately sees the two as being interrelated, and strives to depict the joy of music in visual terms. The result is unique, contemplative, and striking artwork, providing viewers a look into Jack’s “hidden” sense.