This drawing was made from a photograph of a Tokyo street. It is a night scene with people coming back from work in front of an udon shop. The image dimensions are 6"x9" on heavyweight paper that measures 8.27"×11.69". This drawing comes from a drawing notebook so the bottom edges are rounded. It will need a frame for display.

- Orlando Marin-Lopez

Tokyo Street at Night

Ink artwork on paper

Signed on front

6" h x 9" w 
0 lbs. 1 oz.



Orlando Marin-Lopez
Barcelona, Spain

Getting to Know Orlando

Using India ink and watercolor, Orlando Marin-Lopez conveys a poignant sense of humor through his intricate drawings of Japanese urban life. He assimilates the delicate nature of Japanese printmaking into the contemporary world. He uses the lines of brickwork and infrastructure to masterfully guide the eye through his compositions. Orlando, who is also a writer, views drawing as writing’s visual counterpart. The specific details Orlando illuminates function as the narrator of the composition. From sake bottles on window sills to minute inscriptions on storefronts, Orlando’s specificity of detail gives the sense of totality in his documentation of the city.