As I was drawing the landscape of Ireland, it began to drizzle on my work and I moved indoors. I couldn't complete a portrait of the livestock but at least I got it's shadow. This piece is matted and professionally framed in a black wooden frame that is .8" deep.

- Annelise LaFlamme


Ink artwork on paper

Ready to hang

Signed on front

13.5" h x 14" w x .8" d
1 lbs. 0 oz.



Annelise LaFlamme
Long Island City, New York

Getting to Know Annelise

Recent Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) graduate Annelise LaFlamme has a strong affinity for science. Her ink drawings and monotypes are inspired by biology, physics, and astronomy. She draws relationships between the hard sciences and human nature, and is therefore intrigued by fairytales and myths–the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the world. Annelise describes her work as being at once horrific and humorous, familiar and unfamiliar. She uses fantastical visual metaphors to explain real behaviors. Fresh out of art school, Annelise is a young new talent living in New York.