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Eric Wilson
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Artist Eric Wilson demonstrates a striking abstraction of layered ink washes, conjuring an impression of a spiritual awakening. Expressive black hues prevail over accents of vivid magenta and lime. The unique diptych explores a state of wakefulness that amplifies the voice of the heart. "Life expands as we do, through the darkness comes a journey to the light," says Eric.

Eric Wilson

Orlando, Florida

Expressive washes of ink build up into multicolored fluid layers in artist Eric Wilson’s dramatic abstractions. His work derives from a flow of inner energies that he elaborates on, makes his own, and finally declares to the world. A powerful manifestation of superior divine power to humanity, with which he feels intimately in contact. A self-taught artist, Eric went through a spiritual awakening that opened up an energetic passion he never knew existed. It became his mission to help others on their spiritual journey with a message of hope, truth, and knowledge tapped within our inner selves. He works with a meditative mindset in his modest studio in Orlando, Florida. Eric experiments with curiosity, not afraid of daring to try something new. “I never paint the physical form on purpose, it comes from a higher power working through me to reveal itself,” shares Eric. Out of the studio, he enjoys making creative dishes for friends and family. While he has a love for traveling, he ultimately loves staying at home and watching horror films. Eric’s work has been featured in local galleries in the United States to international galleries from London, Italy, and the Canary Islands.

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