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Painting the Roses Red

Andrea Cook

Fiber artwork

Finished black edges

Ready to hang


Signed on back


20 " h x 20 " w x 4 " d |7 lbs. 0 oz.




"Painting the Roses Red" represents a balance between unity and individuality. It is a powerful composition that also reflects harmony. The red roses represent deep love and passion while the white roses represent purity and spirituality.

To create the piece, I ripped fabric into strips of various sizes. I dipped each strip into a high-end archival glue. Next, I formed each strip into a rose and placed it on a cradled wood panel to create the clustered arrangement.

This artwork is a diptych. Each canvas measures 20" x 10" x 4". They are wired to hang both vertically and horizontally. The piece can be easily cleaned with canned air.

Andrea Cook

Phoenix, Arizona

Andrea Cook is a sculptor based in Phoenix, Arizona who creates wall sculptures that resemble tightly bundled roses and are inspired by the elegance and loveliness of the flower. She creates each rose from hand dyed, painted, or pure fabrics made from canvas, burlap, muslin, and cotton blends. To create her work, she rips the fabric into ribbons and dips them in a high-quality, light-fast archival glue. She then sculpts each strip into a rose form and mounts them on a gallery wrapped canvas or deep cradled birch panel. The sculptures are remarkably tactile; “everyone wants to touch the pieces,” says Andrea. And, while they appear to be soft, the roses are hard and durable.

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