This is a woven tapestry made of repurposed electrical wires. I look at this piece of work as a transition piece from my old to my current work. I am inspired by traditional weaving techniques, but use contrary materials. 

- Peter Clouse


Fiber artwork

Signed on side

23" h x 10" w x 1" d
2 lbs. 0 oz.



Peter Clouse
Ferndale, Michigan

Getting to Know Peter

Peter’s woven wall sculptures are layered with thematic meanings ranging from gender roles to sustainability to traditional forms of labor. Growing up, Peter was exposed to craftsmanship and labor in many contexts, from his mother’s knitting to his father’s work in Michigan’s automotive and steel industries. He learned that different types of labor could be considered “feminine” or “masculine.” Peter’s work challenges the idea that labor is gendered. “My current chosen medium of electrical wires may feel masculine but the smallest braids in my weavings resonate with the friendship bracelets young girls braid,” says Peter. “I see feminism as all women and men being equal; therefore, just as women can do masculine work, a man may create feminine work.” The artist’s use of discarded electrical cords also speaks to the concept of sustainability. He explains, “I see potential and beauty in materials that others have discarded… I am passionate about consumption in this country and how it leads to the disposal of goods. It is now my responsibility to put these materials back into production.”