This is another experiment in encaustic, once a lost art. Now people have to reinvent the medium. I put linen over a birch cradled panel to hold the beeswax and damar crystal mixture. The crystals make the wax dry to a super hard, polishable finish. The edges are black and it comes ready to hang.

- James Hartman

Mountain Farm

Encaustic artwork on stretched linen

Signed on back

15" h x 15" w x 1.5" d
2 lbs. 0 oz.



James Hartman
Burlingame, California

Getting to Know James

When James Hartman was in art school, he became fascinated with the Society of Six, a group of artists who painted en plein air (outdoors) and exhibited together in the San Francisco Bay Area during the early 20th Century. James's paintings of the Northern California landscape pay tribute to some of the great Bay Area artists of the past. His expressive scenes feel alive through his vibrant use of color and his painterly brushwork. James’s paintings have an immediate visual impact from a distance, yet up close, dissolve into a series of confident marks and strokes. There is a simultaneous complexity and steadiness in his flattened, color-blocked planes. Knowledge and observation are essential elements of James’s working practice. To this end, he spends a large proportion of his time painting on location. His body of work captures the fresh and sunlit essence of the coastal California hills.