Dawn of Resilience is part of my series Ancient Trees and Totems. It is composed of multiple images montaged together in photoshop. Is there more to this tree than meets the eye? The archival printed photograph is embedded under layers of wax with oil paints on top. The wax creates a three-dimensional feel to the photograph and is ready to hang. This can be made smaller as a commission piece.

- Jiela Rufeh

Dawn of Resilience

Encaustic artwork on wood
Natural wood edges

Signed on front and back

30.25" h x 30.25" w x 3" d
11 lbs. 0 oz.



Jiela Rufeh
Encinitas, California

Getting to Know Jiela

As a career photographer, Jiela Rufeh has experimented over the years with ways to reinvent her medium. Her current body of work employs encaustic, a method using hot wax to create texture on the surface of an artwork. “The encaustic medium captured my interest with its sculpture-like qualities that come from building up layers of wax and embedding various media,” says Jiela. “This medium suddenly broadened my ability, allowing me to express myself on multiple levels and imbue my work with layered narratives.” The content of Jiela’s work is influenced by cross-cultural spirituality including Native American mysticism, shamanism, Eastern philosophy, and kundalini yoga. The resulting body of work is visually complex with a haunting, surreal quality.