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Untitled 12

Wren Meyers
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Charcoal drawing on Stretched canvas New

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24" h x 24" w x .75" d |2 lbs. 0 oz.

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Young woman in a dynamic pose looking off to the right. Subtle lighting highlights the angles of her body and adds volume to the composition. Created using charcoal powder mixed with water and applied directly onto the canvas with a traditional bamboo brush. The lightest lights of the composition are illustrated using only the raw exposed canvas, while the darkest darks were achieved through richly layered charcoal.

Wren Meyers

Los Angeles, California

Wren Meyers is an artist based in the Hudson Valley of New York. He works using a hands-on "wabi-sabi" approach, a Japanese aesthetic concept in which beauty is found in imperfection. This philosophy is visible in Wren's paintings and drawings. Known for his muted, earthy color palette and expressive, free-flowing lines, Wren explores the natural beauty of the human form and its relationship to other forms in nature.

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