I used 1200oC clay to shape (hand shaped and molded) and slips to color. It is a multi piece art work. I will send you the installation details of the work for the composition.

- Bahar Ari Dellenbach

Figure 2

Ceramic artwork on ceramic

Signed on back

11" h x 5" w x 3" d
4 lbs. 2 oz.



Bahar Ari Dellenbach
Zuchwil, Switzerland

Getting to Know Bahar

Ceramicist Bahar Ari Dellenbach sculpts surreal busts to focus on the ever-changing nature of life. “I think individual change and confrontation are so important,” she says. “I'm trying to shape concepts and to catch instant feelings with the expressions in my work.” With the exception of just a few written notes and technical details, Bahar conceptualizes her work entirely in her mind. Once she has mentally worked out the details, she begins an intensive process of shaping and molding clay into precise and psychological portraits. Her body of work illustrates both the inner workings and outward expressions of the human experience, and really, Bahar’s personal experience. When asked what she does when she’s not making art, Bahar says “I have two daughters. And I am learning German. So I am quite busy in my daily life. But if I am not busy, I find something to keep myself busy. Not just doing something but also thinking about concepts and ideas in life.” Her sculpture is truly the physical manifestation of this intellectual curiosity.