This painting was done on jute stretched over masonite board.  I initially applied many coats of gesso to fill the fabric.  I have been working with this rough surface and found it aids in the blending of colors.  It also provides a totally non-reflective surface.

- Barry Close

Summer Pond

Acrylic painting on canvas board

Signed on front

20" h x 24" w x .25" d
2 lbs. 8 oz.



Barry Close
norton, Massachusetts

Getting to Know Barry

Barry Close finds inspiration in nature and likes to take a loose approach to his paintings. He especially admires the work of Impressionist painters. When it comes to looking at his works, he encourages viewers to keep an open mind. During his free time he enjoys walking his dog. He currently lives in Massachusetts. Fun fact: when he's not painting, Barry works as a draftsman for an architectural firm.