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Suite for Four Hands

Linda Cassidy
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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

Painting wraps around edges

Ready to hang


Signed on back


24" h x 20" w x .5" d |1 lbs. 8 oz.

In stock $750



Artist Linda Cassidy employs organically organized geometric forms in an alluring abstract. She uses organic shapes in a distinct dance-like relationship with one another. An evocative feeling permeates within her expressively distinct outlines—shapes in shades of deep purple and red balance the muted colorway.

Linda Cassidy

Barrytown , New York

The gaze operates in both directions - towards the perceivable surfaces of the world and the perceiver. Artist Linda Cassidy’s body of work creates a zone where these two principles converge. She employs organically arranged geometric forms in alluring abstracts, exploring dynamic senses of rhythm and inner movement through natural shape sequences. “My art is not about saying something about the world. Rather it’s about seeing and hearing the world and living it from within my completely local network of being,” asserts Linda. She refined her understanding of the formal aspects of art at Bard College and further developed her conceptual vision through graduate school at Stony Brook. Impactful mentors have taken a vital role in her creative growth, not only with academia but also through motherhood and teaching in public school for thirty meaningful years. The juncture where the everyday merges into the miraculous constantly grant her inspiration. Linda paints in a small studio converted from a kitchen attached to her 1800s farmhouse, where she converts her initial impulses from quick sketches into full-blown paintings. Her work has been featured and well-praised in New York galleries. Linda finds relaxation in reading, gardening, and walking her two chihuahuas. Committed to being present in every moment, her yoga practice profoundly informs her art.

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