I was climbing a sand dune somewhere along the Oregon coast. These hills are so big and important seeming, and yet they are so impermanent... ever changing in small ways. It seemed important to remember that life is similar... no epic wins or failures will ever stay in one place. So, I called this Pinnacle of Sand.
This was also my first piece where I used the refillable Molotow paint markers with small tips. I was hoping to find a way to get finer details into smaller paintings. The ratio of this small dot means that a painting this size (6" x 6") takes about 4 hours to create. Small but mighty!

I painted this piece on a wood panel that was pre-treated with clear gesso to let the warmth of the blond wood to show. The edges are left unfinished with the exception of the signature on the right side. This piece is on a cradled wood panel and it comes ready to hang. 

- Rebecca Bangs

Pinnacle of Sand

Acrylic painting on wood
Signed on front

6" h x 6" w x 1.5" d
0 lbs. 9 oz.



Rebecca Bangs
San Carlos, California

Getting to Know Rebecca

Rebecca Bangs starts each painting with a photo of something that inspires her, usually an image of nature, a flower or a landscape taken while on a hike. She then decides the scale of the piece and the color of the underpainting (usually black). Using liquid acrylics and small bright brushes, she begins layering the many dots that make up her compositions. Most of her finished paintings include about 7 layers of paint. This process takes time, concentration and precision. Pointillism relies on the mind of the viewer to blend the dots of color into a fuller range of tones. As Rebecca places each spot of color next to another, it affects the way the colors appear. In the end, she creates something that up close looks much different than when viewed from far away. The realization that the painting is made up of hundreds of small dots is a wonderful surprise. Rebecca is inspired by the quiet, joyful moments of life facilitated by aesthetic beauty, a hilltop view or a sunset. It is clear that she finds great pleasure and solace is this meticulous artistic process.