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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas

Finished white edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front


30 " h x 40 " w x 1.5 " d |7 lbs. 0 oz.




Cameron Limbrick draws inspiration for his surreal, intricate scenes from the work of Picasso and Dali. In this painting, birds, a dog, a snake and miniature faces swirl around the central characters. Cameron says the painting represents the subconscious. "The figure on the right represents a spiritual guide; one who can see the best interests of the figure on the left." Brilliant red, orange and green obscured and revealed in the white and black foundation of the work.

Cameron Limbrick

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Cameron’s semi-abstract body of work presents dreamlike narratives and characters through designs and motifs reminiscent of tribal art. With a strong use of line and a carefully edited color palette, each artwork evokes a specific mysteriousness inspired by nature and spirituality. When he’s not painting, Cameron is “contemplating the universe.”

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