Robert Hofherr
Belcamp, Maryland

Robert Hofherr avoids depicting a landscape exactly as he sees it or as the viewer might expect. Instead, he enjoys reimagining landscapes and painting his pieces indoors at a fairly rapid pace. The works of French Fauve artists Maurice de Vlaminck and André Derain initially got him interested in painting, and also influenced his decision to not use grey in his works. During his free time he enjoys spending time with his kids, walking his dogs and taking road trips to out-of-way places in the mid-Atlantic region. He currently lives in Maryland.

Artist and Customer Comments

Robert Hofherr 3/8/2017 | 9:34 AM

Thank you! I don't believe that even the best photo can really capture many of the colors, so it's always nice to hear that someone is pleasantly surprised. I really appreciate the comment!

H Hartshorn purchased this artwork. 3/8/2017 | 9:30 AM

We really love this. its more stunning in person.

Robert Hofherr 1/25/2017 | 11:12 AM

Glad you like it! I hope you enjoy it for years to come. Thanks again!

commentsRain in the City
S Gavis-Hughson purchased this artwork. 1/25/2017 | 10:03 AM

This painting is awesome. It looks great in our apartment. Thanks!

Robert Hofherr 1/11/2016 | 3:17 PM

I hope you find it interesting for years to come. Sylvan Scene is one of my best works, in my opinion. Thanks again!

G Freeman 1/11/2016 | 2:54 PM

just purchased and received "Sylvan Scene". Love it.

Robert Hofherr 5/25/2015 | 2:58 PM

Thank You!

commentsArrival of Winter 5/23/2015 | 10:56 AM

This is one of my favourites.

K Phelan purchased this artwork. 4/3/2015 | 11:01 AM

The whole family loves the colors. Thank you!

Robert Hofherr 7/8/2014 | 9:31 AM

Thanks for the comment. I hope it continues to liven up the wall for years to come.

commentsView of the Inlet
M Cellucci purchased this artwork. 7/8/2014 | 9:11 AM

Just a fabulous piece that grabs the eye when people see it on my wall. Extremely happy. Great artistry, Mr. Hofherr!

Robert Hofherr 6/23/2014 | 10:24 AM

Thanks very much. In my opinion, if you can walk by a painting of mine without noticing it, then I haven't done my job.

S Carr purchased this artwork. 6/23/2014 | 9:38 AM

We love this piece. The motion and color liven up a large area of subdued color wall.

Robert Hofherr 5/18/2014 | 2:37 PM

Thank you! As far as I'm concerned, color is king!

commentsAutumn in Pennsylvania
don purchased this artwork. 5/17/2014 | 5:16 PM

This is a wonderful, colorful image

Robert Hofherr 5/14/2014 | 4:54 PM

Thanks very much! I hope Autumn Afternoon reminds you of cool days even as the heat of summer approaches.

commentsRoland Park, Spring
C Hastings 5/14/2014 | 4:33 PM

Robert, you have outdone yourself. This one is stunning. So much detail, so many hidden joys to discover. This painting doesn't make me want to be there, it makes me feel like I am there. Amazing work. --C

Robert Hofherr 2/27/2014 | 10:50 AM

Thanks, I enjoyed painting it. I don't recall exactly where that was; usually when I kayak I have enough to do just keeping it heading in the right direction.

commentsCreek in Spring
Patrick 2/27/2014 | 9:44 AM

I'd like to take a kayak down that creek, nice piece.

Robert Hofherr 1/17/2014 | 4:35 PM

Thank you! I expect that I'll be there in spirit. I'm grateful for your kind words, and happy that something I created can bring you enjoyment. That's one of the great things about art—everybody wins.

commentsAutumn Afternoon
C Hastings purchased this artwork. 1/17/2014 | 4:25 PM

Everybody over to my house for a Robert Hofherr welcome party!!!! Hope this is the first of many pieces I will collect. So beautiful. Even my daughter, who typically does not share my taste in art, took one look and said, "finally, we agree."

Robert Hofherr 12/20/2013 | 10:03 AM

Hello. I usually ship as soon as the label and shipping box arrive, provided my FedX affiliate is open. If you're lucky, it can be a holiday present to yourself. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for all of the positive feedback, and enjoy the season.

C Hastings 12/19/2013 | 9:16 PM

Just purchased Autumn Afternoon. In a fog of euphoria. Can it be here yesterday?

Robert Hofherr 10/23/2013 | 9:36 AM

Thanks for the observation. What originally interested me about this was the composition—all of the planes and angles intersecting. The light quality became much more important in the final execution.

commentsLight and Shadow
Patrick 10/23/2013 | 12:02 AM

[Light and Shadow] The contrast in brush strokes and the draw of the eye towards the light at the end of the wall make this piece stimulating and soothing at the same time.

Robert Hofherr 10/19/2013 | 9:43 PM

Thank you! As an artist, I'm usually happy with my efforts, but it's always inspiring, and interesting, to get the reactions of other people to what I do. I try to be grateful that I can spend the time I do in something I enjoy, so positive feedback is really the icing on the cake. Thanks again.

commentsVillage Scene
C Hastings 10/19/2013 | 8:05 PM

When I moved to Iowa, people in the office called me Flash and told me to stop running. Culture shock. I was walking the same way I had for 20 years. People asked me if I had ever seen corn on the cob or a fresh tomato. I told them New Jersey is the "Garden State" and they laughed. I told them about the "Rutgers Tomato" and they laughed. Once I stopped fighting the culture shock and embraced the Iowa pace of life, my blood pressure dropped, I felt less stress and discovered what a wonderful place it is. So when I look at the Village Scene, I see myself in one of those buildings, answering phones and making friends and peering out the window, imagining the lives of everyone who passes by. Village Scene is amazing. Consonant and dissonant; innocent and all-knowing; welcoming and empty of people. The colors explode and you can't take your eyes off the painting because you know at any moment those doors are going to open and your life is going to change forever.

Robert Hofherr 10/15/2013 | 9:40 AM

Thank you for the compliments, they are very much appreciated. I hope you can purchase a work that really does it for you. And speaking of NJ, I did a painting of the Cape May boardwalk for a family member which turned out well, so don't count out the garden state just yet.

C Hastings 10/14/2013 | 9:36 PM

Robert Hofherr, every time I say, ok, this is it, this is my favorite, I see the next painting and my heart goes pitter pat and my credit card heaves a sigh. I would buy them all if I could. I hope you're as amazed at your talent as I am. Keep going - I bet you could make New Jersey look like a fairy tale (my home state, before anyone thinks I'm poking fun at NJ). Saving up for Village Scene. Or Main Street. Or Road into Darlington . . .

Robert Hofherr 10/9/2013 | 1:46 PM

I've just learned that I'll be part of a two-artist show at the Lancaster County Art Association's Steinmetz Gallery, running from January 12th to February 13th, 2014.

Robert Hofherr 10/9/2013 | 1:44 PM

Thanks for the kind words! I'm very inspired by painters like de Vlaminck, Derain, and Van Gogh and their use of intense color.

commentsBend in the River
don purchased this artwork. 10/9/2013 | 1:32 PM

Great Colors !

Robert Hofherr 8/18/2013 | 5:29 PM

Your comments are much appreciated. Art is meant to be enjoyed.

commentsHunting Creek Lake
H Kussman purchased this artwork. 8/17/2013 | 10:27 AM

I am enjoy Ing the relaxing moment I feel when viewing this painting. Tranquility is presented as the reflection of light between the water and trees is appreciated.

Robert Hofherr 7/26/2013 | 2:22 PM

Thanks very much! I appreciate the positive feedback. I'm usually uploading new work every 2-3 weeks so I hope something will strike a chord. Happy weekend.

commentsMorning on the Susquehanna
B Berry purchased this artwork. 7/26/2013 | 2:07 PM

Love the colors, love the style, perfect for the wall space waiting for the right piece. I live in a converted barn and this style accents perfectly. Hofherr fan.

G Farkas 7/12/2013 | 8:58 PM

Over the past week I have viewd your showroom, artists and top artist! Wonderful work! I am looking for a small original for my son's 40th birthday. I have narrowed down the artist by the style and colors which I am attracted to: My first two choices are Roland Hofherr and Susan Boyle I also like Colette Wirz Nauke Haydee Torres Piero Piero Manrique Do you forsee in the near future any discounted paintings by Roland Hofherr or Susan Boyle? Looking forwards to you reply kind regards Gudrun Farkas

Robert Hofherr 12/18/2012 | 9:42 AM

I'd like to wish all of my fellow artists, visitors, patrons, and the UGallery staff best wishes during this holiday season, and to leave you with this thought: In a world so filled with destruction as we seem to have now, it's more important than ever to promote creativity and expose people to the possibilities of art in their lives. Every minute one spends in creating something or contemplating something beautiful is a minute they won't be spending in destructive behavior.

UGallery 11/15/2012 | 8:38 PM

Hey Robert! The whole UGallery team is loving your paintings. We are so happy you decided to join. We wrote a little bit about your work on the blog. Check it out:

One Tree is Green

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Signed on front

30" h x 30" w x 1.37" d
3 lbs. 0 oz.


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Artwork Details

Comments About This Piece

This extremely stylized landscape results from the compression of normal perspective to an almost flat visual field, in which regular geometric shapes (circles, rectangles, triangles, and large curves) dominate. To keep such a composition unified I used a mostly warm palette, except for the final tree painted, giving the work its title.

The sides of the gallery wrapped canvas are painted brown, and it arrives ready to hang.

Acrylic painting

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Stretched canvas

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