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Fragmentation I

Marie-Eve Champagne
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Acrylic painting on Wood New


Signed on front and back


35.88" h x 16.13" w x 1.63" d |1 lbs. 0 oz.

This artwork may no longer be available. Please contact us for more information.


This is part of the Fragmentation series, which consists of abstract paintings playing with notions of deconstruction and movement. Can something broken remain whole? With Fragmentation, lines connect, disconnect and reconnect over the multilayered surface, intertwining strokes through a dynamic rhythm of hues.  With a palette that limits spatial recession, each fragment appears to be almost floating on the surface, moved by an unknown current, ready to be reconstructed – or deconstructed anew – through the act of looking.

This painting is done on a thin layer of wood mounted on thick pine wood frame. The edge is 1.625 inch deep, including the top layer of wood. The painting is varnished for a smooth and glossy finish. The edges have been sanded and varnished as well, for a polished contemporary look bringing forward the natural color and grain of the wood. This artwork is wired to hang.

Marie-Eve Champagne

San Marcos, California

Southern California transplant Marie-Eve is heavily influenced by the region’s natural environment and beauty. She works from a studio inside her San Diego home where she enjoys looking out the window to draw inspiration from the sunlight’s effect on the landscape. Marie-Eve’s work occupies a unique space at the intersection of fine art and stylized modern design, utilizing both representational and abstracted subjects. She juxtaposes organic forms with clean planes, thick outlines, and blocks of color that delight the eye. Using limited but carefully selected color palettes, Marie-Eve joyfully articulates concepts and elements of the natural world through a clean, modernist aesthetic.

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commentsFragmentation A
Y Kim purchased this artwork. style="color: #000000;"5/1/2019 | 3:18 AM

I really like this artwork!

Marie-Eve Champagne 3/5/2018 | 2:04 PM

Good morning Susan, Thank you very much for getting in touch with me about my Spike series. I'm definitely open to commissions and would be happy to create Spikes 7 in a larger size for you. What did you have in mind, size-wise? Also, the original artwork is on paper, but I could do it on canvas if you prefer. Whatever your preference is. :) Thanks again for your interest and let me know should you have any questions. Best, Marie-Eve

commentsSpikes 7
S Cohen style="color: #000000;"3/5/2018 | 1:42 AM

Is it possible order Spikes 7 but a larger size? Do you do commissions?


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