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A Chilly Evening In Boca Raton

Johansen Newman
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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

Finished black edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front


41.5" h x 33.5" w x 2" d |10 lbs. 0 oz.

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"It's May in Florida, but you know how it is for those who live there full-time. They get used to the hot weather, and the slightest cool breeze sends them scrambling for a jacket," says artist Johansen Newman. She presents a colorful portrait of Ida, bundled up in layers of clothing and wearing a straw hat. She sits on a folding aluminum chair with woven webbing - protocol patio décor in Florida, as is the ever-present palmetto bug. "I love painting these details and capturing the essence of older faces that have lived full lives." The painting comes with a professionally-made frame in black.

Johansen Newman

NEEDHAM, Massachusetts

Artist Johansen Newman captures various characters through charming scenes that often weave nostalgia. A reflection of her fondness for edge and funk prevails in her dynamic portrayal of humans with animals and objects of their affection. As a toddler, her mother gave her crayons and allowed her to draw on the walls of her room. She pursued a degree in painting and printmaking, then furthered her education by studying with Bil Baird at his puppet theater in New York, ultimately forming her puppet troupe. Years of crafting puppets, designing scenery, writing stories, and performing shows developed her arsenal of skills—going on to be an award-winning fiber artist exhibiting throughout North America. She integrates these learnings into her current art practice. "My paintings capture fragments of a tale in a time and place that was, is, or has the promise to become," says Johansen. She works at her studio and display gallery at Gorse Mill Studios, a 19th Century textile mill building in Needham, MA. Her woodworking shop doubles as her home studio, where she constantly evolves her compositions to satisfy her aesthetic. Johansen's work has been featured on the cover of local publications, in pictorial essays, and toured museums across the United States. She was a professional and published illustrator for more than 35 years, including two dozen children's books, three of which she also wrote. Besides creating art, she finds herself an enthusiast of vintage collectibles, jukeboxes, signages, tin toys, neon lights, cookie jars, carnival chalkware, folk art, and an eclectic collection of fine crafts.

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commentsA Flutter of Wings
G Bosgang purchased this artwork. style="color: #000000;"8/7/2023 | 1:45 PM

Barbara's work is amazing. We love it! Thank you!!!

  • Barbara's work is amazing. We love it! Thank you!!!

    - G Bosgang


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