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Yellowstone with Lock and Key

Candice Eisenfeld
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Acrylic painting on Wood New

Natural wood edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front and back


12" h x 36" w x 3" d |7 lbs. 6 oz.

In stock $1,525



Candice was deeply inspired after a visit to Yellowstone National Park. The central landscape image was created using a photographic transfer method while the landscapes on either side were created with paint applications. "The abstracted compositional areas serve as windows or doors to memories, to secrets, to hidden worlds," Candice says.

Candice Eisenfeld

Tempe, Arizona

As an American exploring issues of identity, artist Candice Eisenfeld paints through the lens of the first American art movement, the Hudson River School. Rather than depicting a specific locale, Candice’s artwork evokes a sense of place. These "inner landscapes" are invented, and often reference photographs taken during travels in southern Appalachia and the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains. Whether real or imagined, her paintings are influenced by the Dutch Masters, Tonalists, and Chinese painting. Produced on a single wooden panel, the ethereal landscapes are often joined with segments of aqueous color fields which act as commentary for the landscapes, like the chorus in a Greek play. The crisp, hard edges separating the landscapes from the color fields command a sense of order in an otherwise fluid and painterly surface. With two or three sections of the panel competing for attention, the painting creates multiple focal points. Candice's art has been displayed in embassies in Namibia and Belarus, held in the collections of Norwest Bank and Northwest Airlines, and published in American Art Collector, Phoenix Home and Garden, and Southwest Art magazines. When she's not painting, Candice enjoys stand up comedy, volunteering, sewing and is a self-described "news junkie."

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