In painting this piece I used the influence of American Tonalist artists Albert Pinkham Ryder and George Innes to create the haunting image of a woman standing in the night garden. The piece was done using the dry brush technique of dragging the paint over the surface of the canvas with out the use of water. This allows me to work from dark to light and create layers much faster. It also give the paint a broken quality similar to pastel. 

- Drew McSherry

Woman in the Night Garden

Acrylic painting on canvas board

Ready to frame

Signed on front

20" h x 24" w x .25" d
1 lbs. 12 oz.



Drew McSherry
Halifax, Canada

Getting to Know Drew

Drew McSherry finds inspiration in the paranormal and the darker parts of life. His images contain a sense of the macabre and oftentimes feel fantastical. He currently lives in California and has been influenced by artists like Eugéne Carriére and Odilon Redon. Fun fact: when he’s not painting, he is working on a series of children’s books.