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Winter Blooming

Ziui Vance
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Acrylic painting on Paper New

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16" h x 16" w |3 lbs. 9 oz.

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Vivid branches in purple, emerald, and magenta stretch into a Persian orange sky. Artist Ziui Vance paints a minimalist botanical scene of unfurling pink blooms on colorful branches noting the fast but wonderous pace of time. "How gentle the winter comes and goes when accompanied by the beauty of a blossom." The work comes in a metal frame with tempered glass.

Ziui Vance

Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Ziui Vance is a Chinese artist based in the United States who creates artworks in both acrylic and oil paint that capture her sensory experiences. Ziui grew up in China in a small secluded town surrounded by water; during this time, she learned to use vision and art as a means of escape and exploration. “As long as my eye can see, my hand can achieve,” she says. Her paintings grant access into her world of fantasy. She begins painting in the quiet of midnight, when her ears and eyes become more attuned to the finer details of her environment. Throughout her portfolio, she works in a range of styles. Her gestural abstracts evoke atmospheric paintings by Mark Rothko, while her colorful figurative work is reminiscent of Chinese contemporary artists Yue Minjun and Zhang Xiaogang. Her current body of work seeks to explore the host-and-guest relationship established when someone views a painting. Ziui has a BA in design from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and an MFA in art from the University of Michigan.

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