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Wenjie Jin
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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

Finished white edges

Ready to hang


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47.24" h x 47.24" w x 1.45" d |8 lbs. 8 oz.

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The window becomes the main focal point of artist Wenjie Jin's minimalist composition. Each panel plays a specific role in its own story and reflects the colorful hearts of people. The structural elements allow the viewers to freely immerse themselves in the work. Through the window, nature and her favorite things connect together. "Genesis begins with 'Let light come to be,' which demonstrates that light is the most important source for the world."

Wenjie Jin

Arcadia, California

Chromatic hues demonstrated in precise, minimalist arrangements establish artist Wenjie Jin's s compositions. She implements aspects of modern and abstract styles in beautifully refined sequences of color. "You may encounter heart-touching moments, including beautiful poetry, surreal dreams, and exquisitely carved structures," says Wenjie. Her work creates a powerful sensory resonance that goes beyond words. Growing up in rural China, she discovered her love for painting and hoped to change her life's path with the paintbrush. Wenjie's creativity led her to pursue jewelry design and, through earnest efforts, became a successful international artisan. She migrated to the United States as an outstanding talent yet faced challenges from the language barrier. Rediscovering painting became her earnest way of self-expression and spiritual tranquility. Wenjie immerses herself in inspiration by taking reference photographs and conclusively translating the material at her well-kept garage studio in Arcadia, California. A celebration of life persists as the central theme of her optimistic message. Apart from being a full-time artist, Wenjie devotes her time to being a wife and a mother, taking care of her family and making them as loving and warm as possible.

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