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White Flowers on Textured Table

Carey Parks
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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

Painting wraps around edges

Varnished and Ready to hang


Signed on front


28" h x 22" w x 1.5" d |4 lbs. 8 oz.

In stock $1,075



Artist Carey Parks captures the essence of serenity in this delicate still life. She paints monochromatic flowers gracefully arranged within a glass cylinder. "It conveys a calm and quiet feeling," says Carey. The soft pink background offers a soothing backdrop for the white dainty petals, creating a captivating contrast with the brown table.

Carey Parks

Stamford, Connecticut

Artist Carey Parks paints impressionist scenes of everyday life that imbue a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of a family album. By observing how her subjects navigate their way and relate to each other, Carey seizes the moment they are randomly connected, even so briefly. "My goal is to capture the character and personalities of the individuals in a scene, as well as the surroundings as a whole," shares Carey. Positive in her artistry, she completed her undergraduate degrees in Fine Art and Zoology from UC Santa Barbara, then finished with a Master's in Art. When producing her paintings, she frequently mixes paint directly on the canvas to create intriguing color palettes. She carries out her creativity in her home studio, an organized space that helps her minimize any distractions. Carey also teaches as an adjunct professor of art during the school year. She enjoys running, hiking, and relaxing at the beach during her free time. Her esteemed work has been profiled in American Artist Magazine and numerous local publications.

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L Levine purchased this artwork. style="color: #000000;"4/12/2014 | 2:43 PM

Beautifully done, in color and composition. A delight!

Koookky 3 style="color: #000000;"4/2/2014 | 5:37 AM

Like this artist

Koookky 3 style="color: #000000;"4/2/2014 | 5:37 AM

Nice site.


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