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Warm Sand and Beautiful Clouds

Joanie Ford
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Acrylic painting on Canvas board New

Varnished and Ready to frame


Signed on front and back


16" h x 20" w x .12" d |4 lbs. 1 oz.

In stock $450



Artist Joanie Ford depicts a few beachgoers enjoying a relaxing day out by the shore. Clouds provide a cool shadow from the sun's summer heat as a gentle breeze blows. Visitors run and play in the water, build sandcastles, and lay under the shield of colorful umbrellas. The scene comes to life with Joanie's loose brushwork and soothing vibrant hues. "I wanted to create a piece that showed both beach and cloud expansion, and a suggestion of families using the beach."

Joanie Ford

Ocala, Florida

Artist Joanie Ford paints impressionist landscapes inspired by the ever-changing qualities of light. She first learned to paint as a teenager when her father taught her how to color photographs. "Color film was new and photographers commissioned black and white portraits to be hand colored," explains Joanie. In her twenties, she pursued a career in portrait photography and earned a Master Artist degree from the Professional Photographers of America. Joanie later returned to oil painting, and added pastels and watercolor to her skillset. Throughout her art career, she's worked to refine her craft through continued education and mentorship. Today, she works from a tidy home studio where she prefers a quiet environment. Every day she takes time to exercise outdoors and observe the people, pets and nature around her for painting inspiration.

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