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Very Close Beautiful Vibes

Kloska Ovidiu
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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

Painting wraps around edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front and back


40" h x 48" w x 1" d |8 lbs. 0 oz.

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A contemporary abstract expressionist composition bringing to mind the cosmos and the moment of creation of the universe. "My art is about the fact that we are part of the perennial and cyclical nature of the universe, and I am trying to express that every second of our life here must be of joy," says Kloska. Dramatic brushwork and a vivid, celestial color palette.

Kloska Ovidiu

Focsani, Romania

Hailing from Romania, Kloska Ovidiu is a young artist who captures the essence of the human spirit that has been shaped by history over the years. "The human universe is as exciting to explore as the outside world," he says. In his art, he likes to explore dreams, the unconscious, hallucination, and illusion. Kloska's "magic eye" is that he is constantly fascinated; he could spend hours staring at trees or the mud and inventing a world out of what he sees around him. When he's not making art, Kloska enjoys spending time with his family and fishing with his friends.

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commentsColorful Childhood Dreams Mindscape Bizarre Diaphane
D Underhill purchased this artwork. 8/17/2019 | 4:30 PM

Thanks so much to Kloska for creating this beautiful piece. He even went out of his way to find photographs of when he had created this piece so we can look back on how it went from a blank canvas to where it is on our wall now.

Kloska Ovidiu 8/7/2016 | 2:10 AM

About "Alice Morning Dreams II" I have came to this name of this series starting from the idea of rïchness of my childhood , of reinventing the fantastic dreams that i have it in my childhood, especially on my summer holidays spent it on my grandparents village. Alice in the Wonderland is just how my early ages was . I have imagine things, places, fantastic friends in very colorful world that i invented. I also wrote a few years ago a short fantastic story about my imaginative friend that I called: the spirit of the yard"".

commentsAlice Morning Dreams II
R Fisher 8/5/2016 | 11:11 PM

Kloska Ovidiu, I would like to know more about his inspiration for "Alice Morning Dreams II", and how, or why he came to name it this, or was the title known prior to the work.


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