I like contriving mechanical devices and implements for my painting process. The repetition of a line or circle becomes both abstracted and metaphysical as the process itself is transcribed directly from the implement. The resultant concentric circles and patterns of line lend a hard-edge geometric abstraction to otherwise symmetrical abstractions. This painting is on cradled wood panel with white edges. It comes ready to hang.

- Justin Simcik

Turquoise Orbits

Acrylic painting on wood

Signed on back

36" h x 36" w x 2.2" d
14 lbs. 0 oz.



Justin Simcik
Sedona, Arizona

Getting to Know Justin

Justin Simcik enjoys experimental and non-traditional applications of paint. Instead of using paintbrushes, he drips it, airbrushes it, and trowels it onto the canvas. Sometimes he even uses a squeegee or mechanical invention. When he’s not painting, he enjoys taking photographs of nature while vacationing and hiking. These photographs become his sketchbook and inform his paintings. He currently lives in California. Fun fact: he’s been giving himself his own haircuts for the last 20 years.