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The Valley

Ruth LaGue
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Acrylic painting on Stretched linen New

Natural linen edges

Ready to hang


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36" h x 48" w x 1.5" d |5 lbs. 0 oz.

In stock $4,200



Abstracted landscape focusing primarily on color and the impression of approaching clouds in the distance. Valley of glowing grasses. The piece originated from the artist’s imagination of western Massachusetts. Rapid painterly brushwork with areas of exposed linen.

Ruth LaGue

Northampton, Massachusetts

In her abstracted landscape paintings, Ruth LaGue pares composition down to its barest form. Through simple color, line and form, landscapes are invoked, rather than detailed. Ruth adjusts the placement of the horizon line in her paintings to suggest a range of natural formations. She stretches form, line and color to their limits, providing the least amount of visual information needed to understand the landscape. Her color palette is nuanced and each color is distinctly her own. She is deeply influenced by her childhood in Alaska and her travels to India. While in India, she found an indelible connection between the vast, wild landscape of her childhood and the limitless internal landscape of the soul. Ruth’s beautifully simplified landscapes become metaphors for the spiritual or otherworldly realms inherent in both nature and in the self.

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