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The Point of View

Natasha Lelenco
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Acrylic painting on plywood New

Finished edges

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23.6" h x 23.6" w x 1.6" d |7 lbs. 15 oz.

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Artist Natasha Lelenco exhibits a surrealist portrait of a man with his face ringed with flowers and a fly comically landing on his nose. Natasha parodies herself and another piece of the same series–everything depends on the point of view from which it's observed. The work presents an introspective character with a strabismic gaze that barely allows it to perceive its place in the world. Part of Natasha's ongoing Fetishes series.

Natasha Lelenco

Ourense, Spain

Artist Natasha Lelenco paints surrealist figurative art by fusing botanical elements with the human form. Working simultaneously on multiple pieces, she creates narratives that function collectively and independently. "My visual motif of repetition, especially in the portrayal of faces, represents a graphic fixation that captures a world characterized by seriality," says Natasha. Her otherworldly characters feature playful interplays of striking color contrasts and selective use of everyday objects from her studio. During her childhood in Moldova, her music and choir teacher influenced her greatly in art, which led to her studying in Romania at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. After graduating with a BA in Fine Arts in 2006, she moved to Ourense, in Galicia, Spain. Today, her home studio boasts a painting area, an office and library, and a comfortable corner for her coffee maker and intimate conversations. During tight deadlines, every inch is filled with varnished pieces, leaving limited space for her cats. When she's not painting, Natasha enjoys long walks, reading, studying, and watching movies and TV series.

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