Funny story about "Sonny." I went to Home Depot (with paint in my hair and all over me, because when inspiration hits, who's got time to clean up?), bought an 8 foot long panel, and had them cut it in half. I took both pieces (48" square) out to my (new) car, only to find out that they wouldn't fit. I schlepped both pieces back to the lumber guy and asked him to trim so they would fit. He took a foot off each one. This piece is on masonite board and will need a frame for display.

- Kimberly Santini


Acrylic painting on masonite board

Signed on front and back

48" h x 24" w x .01" d
4 lbs. 0 oz.



This artist is currently away from their studio. Artwork will ship on July 5, 2018.

Kimberly Santini
Lake Orion, Michigan

Getting to Know Kimberly

Kimberly Santini’s soft, whimsical paintings create a marriage between two subject matters equally wonderful - animals and florals. Each painting is playful and exudes sugary sweet magic. Kimberly paints from reference photos, memory, real objects, and her overactive imagination. Working from a small room in the 1920s cottage she calls home, Kimberly surrounds her studio with inspirational items such as finger puppets, a clay angel and a unicorn “because duh, unicorns.” Her artwork generates contagious joy and smiles among viewers young and old.