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Smoky Snack

George Scribner
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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

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11" h x 14" w x 1" d |0 lbs. 0 oz.

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This painting was inspired from a trip George Scribner took to New York a few years ago. "I couldn't believe they were just standing in the smoke - obviously big Sabrett fans!" George exclaims. He travels extensively seeking source material for his luminous paintings. He takes digital photographs on location, and then returns to his studio to sketch out simple color studies of the scene. He uses these studies as a way to work out the principal composition and values. "I know my work is pretty loose but there's an awful lot of preparation that goes into it, including small thumbnails and value studies," explains George.

George Scribner

Valencia, California

George’s paintings are inspired by his native Panama, where he was born and raised. The artworks are quiet, thoughtful representations of both city and country life. It might surprise the viewer, given the subtle sophistication of George’s paintings, to learn that he has also been a professional animator with the Walt Disney Company for over 30 years. He directed the 1988 feature length animated film Oliver and Co., and worked on other renowned projects including The Lion King. Now, George’s professional focus is on animation for Disney theme parks and special projects in China. When he’s not animating for Disney, he is painting on location in exciting locales including Shanghai and Panama, or from his home in Southern California.

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B Cole purchased this artwork. 8/7/2019 | 12:11 PM

Wonderful. It captures the energy and mood of the musician. I can hear the violin!

George Scribner 3/27/2018 | 2:06 AM

John, Good to hear from you. I haven't posted that yet. Give me about a week. Many thanks.

commentsThe Taboga Commute
J Collee 3/26/2018 | 9:06 PM

Beautiful work George. I was looking for the violinist!


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