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Royal Basin

Paul Lewing

Acrylic painting on Masonite board

Varnished and Ready to frame


Signed on front


14 " h x 11 " w x .2 " d |2 lbs. 0 oz.




Royal Basin, in Olympic National Park, is high and hard to get to.  But worth the effort.  This tiny tarn, with turquoise colored water from the glacier above, was a real highlight.

Paul Lewing

Shoreline, Washington

Paul is a lifelong artist, though not always a practicing painter. The bulk of his professional career was spent in ceramics. Paul has now returned to his brushes. “It's been a circle for me. Painting was my first love,” says the artist. His current work is focused on highlighting the natural beauty of the surrounding world, and Paul finds inspiration in firsthand experiences, not photographs. When he goes for hikes or nature walks, he immerses himself in the environment–the sounds, the temperature, the smells, the weather–and translates these elements into a painting back in his studio. Paul’s delicate depiction of light, color, and reflection all contribute to the meditative quality of his landscapes.

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