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Rabbit Rabbit

Nicole Newsted
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Acrylic painting on Wood New

Natural wood edges

Varnished and Ready to hang


Signed on front


24" h x 18" w x 1.5" d |2 lbs. 1 oz.

In stock $1,800



Nicole Newsted says of this pop-styled painting, "We all know rabbits are good luck; but try saying, 'rabbit rabbit' out loud, first thing and on the first of the month. See if you have a month of extraordinary luck!"

Nicole Newsted

Jupiter, Florida

Nicole Newsted's art celebrates the everyday objects that bring joy into our lives. "I create work for my inner child," she explains. Through thick, strong brushstrokes she also explores the visceral qualities of paint. She usually keeps her confection and candy models around for a while. She's learned that donuts with the most preservatives hold their shape the longest and that jelly beans turn white if left in the sun too long.

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T Kovach 2/14/2016 | 2:00 PM

I enjoy your painting.

Nicole Newsted 11/18/2012 | 2:52 PM

thank you for taking the time to say so. i appreciate it!

jetc7free 10/22/2012 | 7:04 PM

Beautiful pieces. Will check in again.


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