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Portrait - Linsay

Hyoungseok Kim
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Acrylic painting on Cradled wood panel New

Finished white edges

Ready to hang



16.5" h x 16.5" w x 1.7" d |3 lbs. 0 oz.

In stock $800



Artist Hyoungseok Kim paints a monochromatic portrait of a woman in pointillism with metallic green dots forming the representational image. The flow of particles emphasizes the material and scientific features of nature. "The minimum unit characteristics can be applied to all basic elements," describes Hyoungseok. He strongly bases his concepts and ideas on materialism and natural sciences.

Hyoungseok Kim

DACULA, Georgia

Artist Hyoungseok Kim produces contemporary figurative work using pointillism as his preferred technique. “My artwork focuses on the story of communication and connection between all things in the universe,” says Hyoungseok. He enforces pointillist methods to emphasize the material aspect of his colorful compositions, representing the energetic behavior through a flow of vibrant dots and particles. His art gravitates toward representing people captured in everyday occurrences. Hyoungseok pursued a BFA and MFA degree in art, achieving his childhood dream of becoming an artist. Today, his home studio in Dacula, Georgia, doubles as a small wood workshop and painting space. He uses reference photos to recreate and transform beautiful renditions of the ordinary and mundane. Aside from his artistic endeavors, he enjoys crafting bespoke audio systems. Music always plays from his handmade speakers to accompany him as he paints.

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