Piper is a horse painting inspired by the Cruzan Cowgirls Horse Rescue in St Croix. The Cowgirls are a no-kill horse rescue and refuge supported by the Cruzan Cowgirls Horseback Riding Tours as well as donations the community and supporters. Piper (a fictional name) is all sunshine, despite her rocky beginnings and is especially fond of Brach's Butterscotch candies. 

- Lesli DeVito


Acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Finished edges
Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on front and back

24" h x 24" w x 1.5" d
3 lbs. 5 oz.



Lesli DeVito
Greenwood, Virginia

Getting to Know Lesli

Lesli Devito can’t quite remember when she started painting, just that she’s been doing it for quite a while now. With no formal training, Lesli took her own path and experimented with different types of paint. Eventually, she settled on something unconventional: acrylic house paint. She hopes that her works will “take people to their happy place.” Lesli also created a blog called My Old Country House in which she writes about her life, art and other adventures. Fun fact: during one summer in New York City, she worked as a Playboy bunny and nanny. Then she went back to college.