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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

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63" h x 39.4" w x 1.6" d |11 lbs. 0 oz.

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My trains and trams become portraits of the protagonists, interpreters of a story depicting a moment in time.

Please note: this piece will ship from the artist's studio in Belgium. Shipping time may be longer than our standard 8 to 13 business day. Please contact our art advisors at 415-742-8417 for any questions about shipping.

Gianni Chiacchio

Bruxelles, Belgium

Gianni Chiacchio is an Italian artist who creates acrylic paintings of trains and trams in a monochromatic color palette. Gianni was born and raised in Milan, Italy and is currently based in Brussels, Belgium, where he paints in his multi-level home-studio. His workspace is a very bright attic flooded by northern light. In his current body of work, Gianni uses trains as a vehicle for narrative; he considers his paintings as fragments of larger stories and memories that elicit both reflection and nostalgia, like stills from a film. His stylized depictions are reminiscent of silkscreen paintings by American Pop Art artist Andy Warhol. He incorporates classical methods such as cloisonné (an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects) and chiaroscuro (the use of light and dark contrasts developed by the Italian Renaissance painter Caravaggio) into his technique. He exhibits extensively in galleries and premier art fairs across Western Europe. Among other shows, he had a solo show at Tijdok 28 Private Gallery (2018) and participated at the Accessible Art Fairs at The Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels (2017) and at the Jewish Museum of Belgium (2016).

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