Back in the 1960s, kids were playing with GI-Joe--and lots of military toys. How would the West, the life of the cowboy and cowgirl, compete with that? That's when Johnny and Jane West were introduced--cool toys (with 1001 moving joints). This piece celebrates the past--how the West of our imagination takes shape -- with a modern twist.

- Maura Allen

Pick Up Your Crazy Heart

Acrylic painting on wood

Signed on back

18" h x 6.5" w x 2" d
5 lbs. 0 oz.



Maura Allen
Denver, Colorado

Getting to Know Maura

Maura’s work borrows techniques from pop art and subject matter from Western art to create a new genre in itself. “The way story and cinema, song and symbol, landscape and legends combine and contribute to our real and imagined view of the West is my focus,” says Maura. She starts each piece on location–rodeos and ranches–looking for iconic shapes that will translate well into her pop pieces. Maura continues, “In my studio, working on wood panel, glass and steel, I combine ‘Old West’ elements like vintage wallpaper designs, typography and other symbols with those modern day Western moments resulting in a confluence of old and new, historic and modern.” Drawing on inspiration from greats like Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, Maura’s pop-Western fusion paintings make a bold statement.