"The house right at the neighborhood entrance," says Laura. "Never been occupied - it looks so moody at certain time of the day. Love the style and its rustiness, the light on the front of the house and shadow on the ground."

- Laura (Yi Zhen) Chen

Moody Blue House

Acrylic painting on stretched linen
Finished white edges
Ready to hang

Signed on front

18" h x 24" w x .75" d
0 lbs. 12 oz.



Laura (Yi Zhen) Chen
Cary, North Carolina

Getting to Know Laura (Yi Zhen)

Laura begins the painting process by taking multiple photographs, which she then combines and sketches into one composition. She takes a spontaneous approach to color, and often finds that her final paintings are quite different than her original intentions. As such, her color palette is vibrant and at times unexpected. Laura’s artwork is executed with stylized modernism, featuring heavy outlines and dramatic shadows. Much of her subject matter is architectural. “I especially like historical buildings in my area,” says Laura. “I am fascinated by the geometric shapes of the old buildings, their varieties and repetitions, their dramatic color contrast. To me, their simple structures have personality and dignity.” Laura works best when her studio is clean and well organized, and finds inspiration in the “miles of good paintings” hanging in the world’s great museums.