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Meeting in the Middle

Joyanna Margo
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Acrylic painting on Wood New

Finished white edges

Ready to hang


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36" h x 24" w x 1.75" d |6 lbs. 0 oz.

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A flowing abstracted still life in variegated colors of blue, green, red and pink. "This generous bouquet was inspired by wonderful things that came from tough situations," shares artist Joyanna Margo. "Middle children, middle life, meeting there on common ground and making something beautiful together like a handful of flowers cut and piled into one vase. Beautiful."

Joyanna Margo

Rockport, Maine

Artist Joyanna Margo presents a playful view of the nature around her home in her vibrant abstract flower paintings. Her Rockport, Maine studio is small and bright, surrounded by flowers and art supplies that inspire her. Joyanna's paintings begin with meaningful words, usually lyrics, scrawled on the canvas. The painting grows and develops with acrylic paint applied with brushes and palette knives, "with as little logical planning as possible," until a bouquet forms from the resulting riot of colors. "My bouquets reflect joy, and the story they tell is that joy can grow from any beginning - whether sad, happy, angry or empowered. It is interesting to note that the negative space in my paintings is added in after the colors. The positive comes first." In the rare cases when she is not painting, you can find Joyanna cooking, hiking, gardening, grabbing coffee with a friend or reading with her cat.

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