“Love is Blossoming” is part of the “Still Waters Love Is...” series. This work is raw and filled with emotion. There is room in the work for reflection. The artwork was created in many layers using brushes, knives, and other tools to apply the paint. This painting is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished white edges. It comes ready to hang.

- Julie Weaverling

Love is Blossoming

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas

Signed on front

36" h x 36" w x 1.5" d
8 lbs. 0 oz.



Julie Weaverling
Vista, California

Getting to Know Julie

Julie Weaverling’s abstract paintings are organic yet deliberate. She approaches her work with a well-developed idea, then begins applying paint. Julie experiments with transparent and opaque layers that metaphorically represent the human condition. She focuses on the idea of compartmentalizing: humans separate their work from their secrets, their friends from their traumas, creating many layers to the self. “What is hidden is sometimes more revealing than what is seen,” Julie says. Through the scraping and layering of color, the artist asks the viewer to consider what lies underneath.